1 to 1 Session

I want to help people so that we, together, can create a practice 

that offers capacity to cope with complex and changing daily life.

The Fighting Monkey practice is an open practice focused to help you find creative solutions to challenges we face and on improving your mobility and life quality aiming to have a long term healthy life with energy surplus to invest in what you really want.

Who is this for?

Together, we will go through the teachings of the movement based on the Fighting Monkey principles and practice. 

A 90-minutes exercise/coaching/counseling session in which we look at your needs and where you currently stand with your physical condition, your potential and your weak points. We then look at what an individually tailored practice and strategie could look like for you, which will help you advance at your sport, practice, in your body awareness and in life in general. 

The FM principles are very overarching and applicable to many areas of ​​life. 

When and where?

Live in Berlin or Online. 

I will be very happy to start this journey with you. Please write me an email to jorge@return2null.com.