Jorge Ortiz is a certified Fighting Monkey Instructor and Yoga and Acroyoga teacher with years of dedicated practice in various movement disciplines, such as capoeira, contemporary dance, squash, mountain biking, swimming, and soccer.

He is profoundly captivated by the transformative potential of new beginnings – those critical moments in life that call for courage, honesty, and the best of our survival instincts, whether they arise from conscious choices or unexpected encounters.

Throughout his life, Jorge has found profound and authentic expression through physical movement. Despite pursuing a career as a systems and software engineer, his background has equipped him with an exceptional ability to comprehend complex systems and approach problem-solving with a resolute mindset.

Drawing on his diverse experiences in different movement disciplines, Jorge firmly recognizes that the human body itself is a complex system, especially when it interacts within intricate social environments. Consequently, he firmly believes that there is no universally applicable "one method" for everyone. Instead, he is deeply committed to movement research guided by the principles of Fighting Monkey, empowering individuals to become the architects of their own sustainable practice.

Return2null is the name I carefully chose for my Movement business, a short yet full of meaning phrase for me. First, being a familiar phrase for software engineers it represents  a bit of my other professional background. 

More importantly, its meaning symbolize the courage and determination to embark on a fresh start, to reinvent oneself, and to reconnect with our roots.

For me, Return2null encapsulates the concept of simplicity amidst complexity, emphasizing the pursuit of what truly matters—the essentials that nurture our long-term growth. It advocates sustainability over passing trends, encouraging us to embrace uncertainty and welcome change with open arms, to confront doubts and fears, to embrace the beauty of nature, and to prioritize ongoing practice rather than mere exercise. It emphasizes the value of movement over temporary fitness fads.

With Return2null, I aim to inspire a journey of self-discovery and transformation, fostering a community of individuals dedicated to a holistic approach to health. Together, we embrace the unknown, and with determination, we embark on a path of growth and fulfillment.

Are you curious about how you can apply this more specifically to your movement practice? I am looking forward to creating a community of practice with you!